Saturday, August 16, 2014



- 5 Medium-Sized Tomatos
  * It's recommended to take dense tomatos with a small amount of juice

- 5 Tablespoons of Tomato paste

-  Red Hot Pepper (About 7cm)
  * If you don't want it to be spicy, use less pepper

- 1 Garlic head

- 1 Teaspoon of salt

- 2-3 Tablespoons of olive oil


- Peel the Tomatos (Unnecessary :)), preliminarily immersing them for a minute in a boiling water, then cold water.

- Slice the Tomatos into small dices, then cut the hot pepper into very small pieces (Better do it in gloves :P)

- Cut and a half of the Garlic cloves into small pieces, and the other half into small plastics.

- Pour the oil on the bottom of the pan, set it on a strong fire, heat the pan up, then add the tomatos, cook them for a minute, then add all the other ingredients.

- Bring it to a boiling state, set it on average, cook it for 15 minutes (If the tomatos have a lot of juice, then boil it until the excess amount of liquids are gone).

You can also make the Matbucha without tomato paste, but then you'll need one big and dense, or 2 medium tomatos. And you'll have to boil it for a bit more time into a required concentration (As shown in the picture)

Good Luck and Bon Apetite :)