Sunday, August 10, 2014

Leaven on raisins

Note: This is one of the main ingredients you'll need for the most of the bakery recipes.

- Handful of raisins
  * Black with kernels is preferred

- 1 Teaspoon of sugar or honey

- 5 Tablespoons of flour (Rye flour is the best choice)

- 3/4 cup of warm water

- Mash the raisins with Sugar (Honey) in the cup, then add the warm water up to the edges of the cup.

- Pour it into a half-liter Jar, add the Flour and mix it.

- Cover the jar with cloth, or cheesecloth, and fix it with a rubber band on the jar neck.

- Put the jar in a warm place for fermentation. It may take from a few hours (if it's really hot) to 5 days. If the Leaven didn't start bubbling after 5 days, then the yeast culture is weak and you should consider making a new leaven.

- When the leaven will be well fermented, and bubbled, filter the leaven through a large strainer, and throw away the raisins.

- Again, pour some water into the leaven basis (So the total amount would be equal to 1 cup), add 5 piled tablespoons of flour and 1 teaspoon of sugar or honey. The density of the leaven should be familiar to oatmeal. Once again, put the jar for fermentation. Once it's bubbling - the Leaven is done!

A good leaven has a pleasant sour on smell and taste, and it's all covered in bubbles!

With that Leaven you can bake bread, you can also put it in the fridge "Until the best times" (Fermentation won't stop, but will slow down), you can (and should!) share it with somebody.

Storage of the Leaven:

The leaven should be kept in the fridge (Not in the freezer!), in a not tightly closed Jar (you can poke a hole in a plastic cap). A simple 0,5 liter Jar is comfy.

If you are planning to bake bread - Take the Leaven out on the eve before sleep in a warm place. If the leaven is too acidic or old, it should be refreshed or "Revived"

The leaven is also "revived" after it wasn't used for a while (Once per 10-14 days).

For that procedure pour out all the leaven out of the jar. Don't wash the jar, because what's left is exactly the yeast culture you need!
Add into the same jar: 1 Teaspoon of Sugar (Honey), 5 tablespoons of flour and a cup of warm water, mix it and place it in the fridge until the next bake.

And that's basically it!

Good luck :)

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